Additional Customer Emails

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Email your orders, shipments, invoices and credit memo notifications to multiple customer emails. Choose which notifications can be sent for each additional email.

  • Your customer can manage multiple email addresses from their "My Account" section easily.
  • Each email address added can choose which transactional emails they wish to receive.
  • Admin users can manage additional email addresses from the customer edit section.
  • Enable / Disable front-end customer control.
  • Enable / Disable module per website.

CE 2.3.x, CE 2.4.x, EE 2.3.x, EE 2.4.x

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Does you need notifications to be sent to additional customer email addresses for Orders, Invoices, Shipments, and Credit Memos? This extension for Magento 2 allows your customer to enter additional email addresses that will be copied on transactional emails. When your customer enters their new email address, they can choose which transactional emails they wish to receive.

Additional Customer Emails extension for Magento 2 is especially useful for wholesale merchants when customers require emails to different departments, such as "warehouse email" for Shipments and "accounting email" for Invoices and Credit Memos.

Frontend Demo

When you login as a customer, you will see a new link in the customer account section for "Additional Emails". You can add, update or delete additional emails and select which transactions that email address should receive.

Backend Demo

You can manage your customer's additional email addresses from the customer account edit section. You can add, update or delete additional emails for your customer and select which transactions each email address should receive.

You can manually send transaction emails by going to the Order, Invoice, Shipment or Credit Memo view page. On each of these pages there will be a button to send email to your customer, which will send to all email addresses selected to receive that notification. All emails sent manually will be shown in their appropriate log / comment section.

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